Why the Katy Lions

When Disaster Strikes, Katy Serves.

During the 2021 freeze, the Katy Lions spearheaded the district's efforts to get LCIF grant money to provide stop-gap funding. We helped more than 30 Katy families who experienced hardship with basic needs.

After Hurricane Harvey, our club and the entire district sprang into action to help our neighbors clear debris and rebuild. And through our upcoming partnership with Katy Recovers, we're still helping local Harvey victims and their families.

We've partnered with the City of Katy's Office of Emergency Management to help with hurricane preparedness and response.

We're prepared to react and respond.

Childhood Cancer: What's the Problem?

Cancer is the leading cause of death for children with more than 300,000 new cases annually in under 19 year olds. Approximately 1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20.

A part of every Lion's dues goes towards the Lions Club International Foundation's grant and advocacy program which has awarded more than $1.5 million in the previous fiscal year alone!

Katy's Local Impact

In 2020, the Katy Lions collected more than 4,000 toys that were donated to Texas Childrens' Hospital West Campus and other local charities. These toys are provided to children and their families throughout the year. Even in the darkest of times, a toy can be a huge relief.

In 2021, we collected another 3,000 toys for the hospital, and we also gave an additional 5,000 toys to other hospitals and local organizations.

We have knitted more than 60 hats for children.

Diabetes: What's the Problem?

An estimated 463 million adults across the world are living with diabetes, and its prevalence is increasing rapidly. By 2045, the number is expected to reach 700 million. Diabetes is a global epidemic that touches every corner of the globe.

In the United States, the cost of diagnosed diabetes is estimated to exceed $327,000,000,000! Yes, that's billion. Diabetes grants from the Lions Foundation support screenings, health facility access, education, camps, and more.

The Texas Solution

Here in our state, we have the Texas Lions Camp. TLC is a residential summer camp for children with physical disabilities, type 1 diabetes, and cancer. Children with special medical conditions from all over the State of Texas are invited to attend one of 9 weeks, which have been designed to become one of their life-long childhood memories.

Any child with type 1 diabetes, cancer, or physical disabilities can go to the camp at no cost to them or their families through sponsorship from the Katy Lions.

Environment: What's the Problem?

North America faces unprecedented water shortage issues, climate change is wreaking havoc, and pervasive pollution threatens our health. The challenges are palpable; good stewardship of our environment is key.

In the United States, more than 110 million people live in counties with unhealthy pollution levels.

And what's the economic impact to this? An 8.1° F global temperature rise = $520 BILLION impact annually

The Katy Lions Impact

Partnerships with Keep Katy Beautiful and the City of Katy to provide Spring and Autumn "Trash-Off" and recycling days, roadside cleanups in partnership with the State Department of Transportation, and more recycling efforts have resulted in a diversion of more than 6,000 lbs of trash from landfills since 2010.

Pop-tab collection is a great fundraiser, and it helps reduce what goes into the landfill. In 2021, the Katy Lions helped our state collect more than 1,000 lbs of aluminum pop tabs.

Our used eyeglasses collection has kept more than 14,000 pairs of glasses from trash heaps: just in the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Hunger statistics

  • 1 in 9 people are chronically hungry.

  • Chances of food insecurity ~10% higher for women.

  • At least 50% of children under age 5 have hidden hunger, which is the lack of essential nutrients.

  • 2 billion people lack regular access to nutritious and sufficient food.

  • 25% of children are stunted due to lack of nutritious food.

Local Impact

  • Partnerships with local organizations like Children Like Loni and Katy Christian Ministries to provide food to at-need neighbors.

  • Collaboration with Katy ISD and Gardening Clubs to develop neighborhood and community gardens, and foster healthy habits.

  • Food drives and outreach events throughout the year to reduce the need.

Global Vision

More than $365 million in LCIF grants have helped Lions show the world a brighter tomorrow. 9.3 million cataract surgeries have been performed. 2.3 million professional eye care and community health workers trained. 493 million doses of medicine provided for trachoma and onchocerciasis.

Katy Vision

The Katy Lions Club collects used glasses, which are cleaned, graded, and sent out on mission trips throughout the world and domestically. We also work with local partners to fit low income children with prescriptions and glasses at little-to-no cost to them or their family.

From 2010-2020, we have provided on average 15 pairs of glasses annually to low-income children. This year, we more than tripled our impact and helped over 50 low income individuals see.

We partner with the Eye Bank at Baylor University to offer corneal transplants, Leader Dogs to help train seeing eye dogs, Lighthouse for the Blind to assist in education and providing resources for blind and seeing-impaired, and more.

Youth Empowerment: Katy Leos

The Katy Leos are the 12-17 year olds in our organization. We support them in developing their leadership skills and volunteer opportunities. The Leos have organized book drives, food drives, they called businesses during the 2021 Winter Freeze to see what was available and open, and we were able to push that out throughout the county.

They host a wide range of service activities throughout the year.

So how can you be involved?

  • Donate your used glasses & host a used glasses collection box.

  • Promote our scholarships & organization on your social media.

  • Sign up for Randalls, Kroger, and Amazon's various giving programs.

  • Promote our monthly guest speaker and come with your family.

  • Donate $250 to sponsor one of our meetings. You get publicity on our social media pages, on our printed flyers, get 5 minutes to promote your business at the meeting, and it's a tax write-off.

  • Join and volunteer your time. Membership costs less than Netflix.