23/24 FY Board

Rev. David Greene
President & Communications Director
713.714.6789 x3

Lydia Osuna
Vice President

Sue Greene
Treasurer & Club Administrator
713.714.6789 x5

Mattie Thigpen

Alexandra Lowe
Servants Roar Editor

Carol Barnett
Past Club President

Daniel Lee
Club Lawyer & Parliamentarian

Appointed Positions

Adrienne Davitz
Katy Heritage Society Liaison

Works with the Katy Heritage Society on our shared scholarship and other opportunities for organizational collaboration; advocates the Heritage Society's service needs to the club.

Alvin Green
Student Volunteer Coordinator

Promotes volunteer opportunities to our Alpha Leo Club, and is the Leo Club Advisor on record with Lions International.

Cicely Taylor
Katy ISD Liaison

Works with Katy ISD on opportunities for collaboration and shared service, and assists in facilitating the Peace Poster, Peace Essay, and other sponsored programs.

Glenda Williams
Neighborhood Garden Project Liaison

Works with the NGP Board of Directors to provide real-time collaboration and support from the club.

Rev. Heather Tolleson
FCC Katy Liaison

Works with FCC Katy on our shared service opportunities including Transparent Closet, and advocates FCC Katy's service needs to the club.

Matthew Ferraro
Katy Area Chamber Liaison

Works with the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce on collaboration and business initiatives.

Raevyn Adams
LGBTQIA+ Outreach Coordinator

The LGBTQIA+ Outreach Coordinator identifies opportunities where our club can improve, and ensures that in all matters, we are fostering a welcoming and inviting environment for all.

Valerie James
District 2-S2 Zone Chairperson

The Zone & District Relations Coordinator is responsible for working with other clubs in our zone and in the district on collaboration and opportunities to work together. Since much of what we do can overlap with other clubs, we want to improve relations wherever possible.

Available Positions

City of Katy Liaison

Works with the City of Katy to increase awareness of activities and service opportunities

Composting & Recycling Chairperson

Promotes composting and recycling initiatives.

Fundraising Coordinator

Identifies and executes secondary fundraising opportunities.

Hispanic Outreach Advisor

Works to engage the Hispanic community with the goal of providing services and opportunities needed by this growing segment of Katy population.

LCIF Coordinator & Humanitarian Chairperson

Works with the District LCIF Coordinator, District Humanitarian Relief Fund Directors, and the District Texas Lions Foundation Director to provide support for our community.

Lions Camp Chairperson

Works with the District Lions Camp Directors and engages with the Texas Lions Camp to ensure that all eligible children are sponsored for attendance. Also coordinates the club’s work day activities and assists with carpooling initiatives to Kerrville as necessary.

Lion Tamer

Our version of the keeper of the stuff, the Lion Tamer is responsible for maintaining the inventory of physical items owned by the club and foundation.

Membership Chairperson

Identifies opportunities for new member recruitment and helps review all applications for admission. Focuses on member satisfaction.

P&S Council Representative

Commits to the monthly Presidents and Secretaries Council meeting as the club’s representative. Announces our monthly activities at the P&S meeting.

Service Chairperson

Overarching coordinator for service opportunities. This person is primarily responsible for reporting all completed service activities in the Lions Portal (formerly MyLion).

SightFirst Chairperson

Coordinates efforts on our used glasses collections, as well as collaboration with the Lions Eye Bank of Texas, Lighthouse of Houston, World Services for the Blind, Leader Dog, and other vision agencies. They also work with the District Vision counterparts.

Speaker Rotation Coordinator

Reviews requests to be guest speaker and schedules guest speakers for our monthly community nights.

[Not Available]
Tail Twister

Vacant. We do not fill this position in our club, and we do not recognize any visiting Tail Twister as such. Historically, this position within Lions Clubs has been the “finer-in-chief” and that is not something we want to have within our club.

Toy Drive Coordinator

Works with local businesses and organizations to collect toys for our annual toy drive, and identifies suitable recipient organizations for distribution of the collected toys. Organizes the efforts.