Applications for Glasses

Hosted by the Katy Lions, PB Texas is conducting a free Texas State Vision Screener Training & Certification course on Monday, March 20th for 30 people. To reserve your seat, click here or the flyer.

The Katy Lions have a stock of VSP Eyes of Hope Certificates that we are making available to local in-need individuals. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you qualify for a free eye exam and $150 coverage for glasses. If you'd like to learn more about this program, including becoming one of the income verification agencies/organizations, please reach out to Right now we are partnering with Hope Impacts to reach the Katy-area homeless population and Katy ISD for low-income students. We're also adding several additional organizations in the coming weeks to help us as referral partners. This will allow us to serve a greater segment of our community.

 Form Used by Community Partners - For Adults 

2023 Eye Assist Form 7A for VSP - Adult Agency.pdf

 Form Used by Katy ISD Nurses - For Students 

2023 Eye Assist Form 7S for VSP - Student.pdf